Pre-Order Items

Our most popular items are available to pre-order now online and pick up on the day of your choice.  An email address is required for the order confirmation. No deposit is required. Some items are limited supply or have an order lead time. To get started simply:

  1. Choose your category and click on the form link.
  2. Fill out the required form including item, quantity, size, pick up date and any special instructions. Print your confirmation and bring it with you for pickup.
  3. Visit our store to pay for and pick up your order. This is not a secure website.  DO NOT share credit card or other payment information with your order.
  4. Enjoy your items.

Beef & Pork Roasts

Prime Rib Roast
Order Beef & Pork Roasts

Choose from Prime Rib Roasts, Whole Tenderloin, Chuck Roast, Beef and Pork Combo Roasts, Pork Shoulder Roasts

Crane's Pies

Order Pies




Apple Sugar Free

Cherry Sugar Free

Order Thor's Hammer

Order Thor’s Hammer

A new fun cut for meat enthusiasts! Please order by Monday 12pm for a Wednesday-Saturday pick up.

Tomahawk Steaks

Order Tomahawk Steaks

Order these impressive rib steaks to put on the grill! Please allow a week’s notice for your order.

Gift Cards

Byron Center Meats Gift Card Order Gift Cards Give the gift of choice with a Byron Center Meats gift card. Any dollar amount can be added to a card. Spend it on delicious meats, seasonings, spices, sauces and more at our Byron Center Meats butcher shop. Cards never expire!

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