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Home delivery of local, all natural meat collections of bison, venison, beef, pork, chicken and salmon. $89 and up. Free shipping.
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Welcome To August - Michigan's Best of Summer!

8/4/20 UPDATE: We are open today 7am to 6pm. We are not taking preorders and are not offering curbside service. Please practice the 6′ social distancing guidelines inside and outside our store. You might see a line out front because we are limiting it to 6 customers in the store at a time. We are sanitizing our carts, baskets and surfaces often. Sorry if we can’t answer the phone to check on product availability. Please come in and shop.

Here are August Specials:

Frozen, 5 pound bag of Chicken Tenders for $10.00. Save $4.00
Bacon 3 Ways for Breakfast, Burgers, and BLT’s:
Regular Hickory Smoked Bacon, $6.69 / lb
Sugar Free Hickory Smoked Bacon, $7.29 / lb
Cottage Bacon, $6.99 / lb

Fresh, Amish, All Natural, Fresh Chicken Breasts ($4.79/lb), Leg Quarters ($1.59/lb), Bone In Thighs ($1.90/lb), Halves ($1.79/lb), and Ground $6.99/lb) (when available)

We also have a great selection of flavored pork brats, burger patties and steaks for the grill.

All items are “while supplies last” and we may have to substitute based on what product we can get. No phone preorders please.

Summertime Weddings = BCM Gift Certificates

Weddings may look a little different right now, but what bride and groom wouldn’t appreciate a gift certificate to fill their freezer or pantry with meats and groceries from BCM? Order online in any denomination and pay for and pick up in the store at your convenience. Here is the link to preorder gift cards https://www.byroncentermeats.com/preorder/

BCM Gift Card

Healthy Eating With HarvestBox Home Delivery

Byron Center Meats Customers: Use Promo Code BCMEATS to receive $10 off order totals of $189 or more. Shop at HarvestBox.com to find all natural meat collections of beef, bison, venison, seafood, chicken and pork. Gift yourself with a healthy meat collection like our Culotte Steaks or Cowboy Cut Steaks.

HarvestBox by Byron Center Meats

6/15/20 FREEZER BEEF UPDATE for Freezer Beef to be Purchased from BCM. We are not taking orders at this time. When we have beef available again, it will be sold as standard cut quarters at the current market price. Please do not call to check if we have 1/8ths, quarters, halves or whole beef. We will post here when beef is available on a first come, first serve basis. Thank you for your patience as we face new challenges in the beef market.


Preorder your  gift cards by using the link.  Think wedding and graduation gifts. 

BCM Gift Card

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Fill That Smoker

Looking for beef briskets or picanha roasts? What about pork ribs or shoulder roasts? We have a great variety of meats for your smokers. Don’t forget the seasonings and dry rubs to add that next level of flavor.

Beef Brisket, $5.99 / lb.
Beef Picanha Roast, $11.99/ lb.
Pork Baby Back Ribs, $4.99 / lb.
Boneless Pork Shoulder, $2.99 / lb.
Pork Belly, Skin Off, $4.59  lb.
Whole Otto’s Chicken, $2.29  lb.

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What is HarvestBox

What is HarvestBox

Posted by HarvestBox Meats on Thursday, June 22, 2017

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