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Stock Your Own Freezer With The Good Stuff

S'pig'Tacular Pork Sale Through March 31

Our 9th annual freezer pork sale starts NOW. Order local Michigan pork that is custom processed for your home freezer.
A whole pork (200 pound starting weight average) is $2.20 / lb.
A half pork (100 pound starting weight average) is $2.25 / lb.
Smoking for hams and bacon is an extra $1.10 / lb. Expect 60% yield depending on the cuts you choose.
A $50 deposit per half is required to process your order.
Repeat customers can use our online link and new customers can find out more by going to the Processing Page. Pictured is a whole pig that has been processed into pork steaks, chops, roasts, sausage, ham, and of course bacon. This would feed a family of 4 for 64 meals.

We Are Growing - Join Our Team

We are hiring in several areas and are looking for hard-working, detail-orientated people to learn our trade.  We are a fourth-generation, family business that will treat you right with regular hours, no Sundays, and weekly paychecks. We are hiring full time for meat cutting, warehouse/receiving, packaging and part time for retail members in our store. Stop in to pick up an application or send your resume to info@byroncentermeats.com.

HarvestBox Home Delivery

Shop and order online at HarvestBox.com for all natural meat collections of beef, bison, venison, salmon, chicken, and pork or our favorite steak boxes like our Culotte Steaks or Cowboy Cut Steaks.

HarvestBox by Byron Center Meats

1/3/22 FREEZER BEEF UPDATE for Freezer Beef to be Purchased from BCM. We are not taking orders at this time. When we have beef available again, it will be sold as standard cut quarters at the current market price. Please do not call to check if we have 1/8ths, quarters, halves or whole beef. Follow us on Facebook about 1/8ths of a beef that WILL BE AVAILABLE IN LATE JANUARY FOR $350 on a first come, first served basis in the store. (pictured).


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Fill That Smoker

Looking for beef briskets or picanha roasts? What about pork ribs or shoulder roasts? We have a great variety of meats for your smokers. Don’t forget the seasonings and dry rubs to add that next level of flavor.

Beef Brisket (whole), $6.75 / lb.
Beef Brisket (halves), $7.50 / lb.
Beef Picanha Roast, $13.00/ lb.
Pork Baby Back Ribs, $6.59 / lb.
Boneless Pork Shoulder, $3.25 / lb.
Pork Belly, Skin Off, $4.89  lb. (by order)
Whole Otto’s Chicken, $2.35  lb.

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What is HarvestBox

What is HarvestBox

Posted by HarvestBox Meats on Thursday, June 22, 2017

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