Details About Pre-Ordering 1/8th of Beef Collection

Our 1/8th beef collections are available in our store for walk-ins on a first come, first served basis. Please only use this form if you intend to pre-pay your order with our TXT-2-PAY service to reserve your beef ahead of time. Orders must be picked up within a week from order submission.

Fill your freezer with all natural beef that is locally raised without antibiotics or growth hormones and perfect for cookouts and everyday meals. No substitutions. Total of 50 pounds with the following cuts:

(2) Round Steak, Tenderized
(2) Sirloin Steak
(2) New York Strip Steak
(2) Tenderloin Steak
(4) Sizzler Steak
(2) Delmonico Steak
(1) Rump Roast
(3) Chuck Roast
(2) Stew Meat
(24) Ground Beef 1 pound tubes