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February Specials

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S'Pig'Tacular Pork Sale

Whole Pork $1.99 / lb., Save $0.60 / lb.
Half Pork $2.09 / lb., Save $0.50 / lb.
A whole pig equals 65 meals for a family of 4 including chops, roasts, sausage, steaks, ribs and more. Smoking for hams and bacon is extra.
Custom Cut For Your Family & Vacuum Sealed
What is the S’Pig’Tacular Pork Sale?

Ground Bison, Grassfed

Local and all natural. Raised without antibiotics or growth hormones.
100% grassfed.
Sale Price: $9.39 / lb. Regular Price: $10.39 / lb. Save $1.00 / lb.

Ground Beef

Local, all natural, raised with no antibiotics or growth hormones
Frozen in 1 pound packages
Sale Price: $4.50 / lb, Save $1.00 / lb

Beef Stew Meat

Vacuum sealed in 1 pound packages
Use in soups, stews, stroganoff & more
Sale Price: $2.99 Each. Save $2.00 Each.

Chicken Breasts

Frozen, 4-pound bag. Boneless and skinless. No added water or salt.
Featured Price: $18 Each or (2) for $32.00. Save $4.00 on (2)

Ground Turkey

All natural. Frozen in 1 pound tubes
Sale Price: $2.69 / lb
Regular Price: $3.99 / lb, Save $1.30 / lb

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