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October Specials

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Bacon Wrapped Chicken Breasts

Frozen. 7 Flavors to choose from.
16 oz. Each. (2) 8 oz. Servings.
Sale Price: $6.59 Each
Regular Price: $6.99 Each. Save $.50 Each

Chicken Leg Quarters

Amish All Natural. Fresh and ready for the grill, smoker, or oven. Cook and shred for soups, enchiladas, tacos, and more.
Sale Price: $1.59 / lb.
Regular Price: $1.79 / lb. Save $.20 / lb.

Ground Beef, 5 lb.

Fresh, Local, All Natural, Raised with no growth hormones or antibiotics. 5 pound vacuum sealed package.
Sale Price: $20.00 Each
Regular Price: $22.50 Each, Save $2.50 Each
Customers loved this in September, so we’re keeping it going for October. Cook the whole thing and refreeze in recipe portions to get one step closer to dinner.

Boneless Pork Loin

Fresh. All Natural. 2-3 pounds each and ready for the grill, smoker, oven, crockpot, or Instapot. Ask for recipe ideas when you pick one up. An inexpensive way to feed a crowd!
Featured Price: $2.50 / lb.

Frontier Soup Mixes

Made with clean ingredients and most of them are gluten free and low sodium options. 15 flavors and perfect for Fall meals. Add ground beef, chicken, or ham for added protein.
Sale Price: $5.99 Each
Regular Price: $6.99 Each, Save $1.00 Each


Dot's Pretzels & Dip Deal

Buy a bag of Dot’s Pretzels and a Dutch Treat dip and get $1.00 off your purchase.

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