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March Specials

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S'pig'tacular Pork Sale

Get in on this deal! Our freezer pork sale is going strong. You can order local, all natural Michigan pork that is custom processed for your family.

A whole pork (200 pounds starting weight average) is $2.40 / lb. for the meat and processing. Save $.50 / lb.
A half pork (100 pounds starting weight average) is $2.50 / lb. for the meat and processing. Save $.45 / lb.

A whole pork equals 65 meals for a family of 4 including chops, roasts, sausage, steaks, ribs, and more. Smoking for hams and bacon is an extra $1.10 / lb. Expect a 60% yield depending on the cuts you choose. We have a 3-4 week lead time. A $50 deposit per half is required.

Learn more at BCM Pork SALE Standard 2023

1/8th Beef Collection - $365/ea

Ready to stock up on steaks, roasts, & ground beef? Snag this deal! 50 lbs of various cuts including:

(2) Round Steak, Tenderized
(2) Sirloin Steak
(2) New York Strip Steak
(2) Tenderloin Steak
(4) Sizzler Steak
(2) Delmonico Steak
(1) Rump Roast
(3) Chuck Roast
(2) Stew Meat
(24) Ground Beef 1 pound tubes
No Substitutions – Local, All-Natural Beef!
No pre-order needed, stop in the store to pick up anytime!
Reg. Price: $375ea (Save $10)
Buy now to receive a free seasoning!

Fresh Corned Beef Brisket - $4.99/lb.

Get your cabbage and potatoes ready! Each package is about 3-4 lbs. each.

Local, All-Natural Pork Tenderloins - $1.89/lb.

Bargain-hunters, this is for you!

Frozen, 2 Tenderloins per Pkg., Reg. Price: $4.59/lb. (Save $2.70/lb.)

Chicken Tenders - $10.00/ea

For the kids or the kid in you!

5 lb. Bag, Frozen, Reg. Price: $14.00/ea (Save $4.00/ea)

Beef Stew Meat - $4.99/ea

Great for stews, kabobs, & more!

Frozen, 1 lb. Pkgs, Reg. Price: $5.99/ea (Save $1.00/ea)

Easter Hams is April 9 - Plan Ahead!

No Pre-Order Avail – Shop In-Store Only

BNLS Football 1/2 Ham – $5.89/lb.

Whole Legends BNLS Ham – $5.89/lb.

Semi BNLS B/I 1/2 Ham – $2.59/lb.

Whole Picnic Bone In Ham – $1.99/lb.

Spiral Cut Hams – $4.89/lb.

Giving Up Meat for Lent?

We can “meat” all your SEAFOOD needs!

Cooked & Raw Shrimp






Sword Fish



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