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February Specials

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S'Pig'Tacular Pork Sale Is In Full Swing!

Save money on groceries and order bulk to fill your freezer with quality, local, all-natural pork!

Sale Price: $2.25/lb. for whole pigs (save $0.50/lb.), $2.35/lb. for half pigs (save $0.50/lb.)

Click HERE to order!!

Pork Tenderloin Medallions - $1.99/lb.

Fresh or Frozen, Local, All-Natural, Reg. Price: $2.99/lb. (Save $1.00/lb.)

(6) 1'' Thick Delmonico Steak Box - $10.00 OFF PER BOX!

Frozen, Individually Wrapped, Reg. Price: $22.00 ea.

All-Natural 1/8th Beef Collection - $395ea

Fill your freezer with our 1/8th of a beef collection – local, all-natural. NOW AVAILABLE — no pre-order necessary.

Tap HERE to see what comes in an 1/8th Beef Collection!

10 lb. Tube of Ground Beef - $35.00 ea.

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