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May Specials

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8 oz. Culotte Steaks

Get a Summertime-sized box of (15) 8 oz. Culotte steaks and fire up the grill. If you haven’t tried our Culotte steaks, they are a customer favorite and should be on YOUR grill.
Sale Price: $123.75. Regular Price: $138.75. Save $15.00.

Burgers Coming Up

Get our 10.5 pound box of burger patties and be ready for Memorial Day, camping, and the cottage.
Sale Price: $59.00. Regular Price: $63.60. Save $4.60.

Pork Tenderloin Medallions

Fresh and vacuum sealed, these tenderloin medallions are high quality pork at a great price. Butterfly, marinate, and grill them to perfection. Featured Price: $2.99 / lb.

Beef Stew Meat

It’s back! Our USDA Choice sirloin beef stew meat is perfect for tips and gravy, stew, chili, stir fry, kabobs – you name it.
Sale Price: $4.49 / lb. Regular Price: $5.99 / lb. Save $1.50 / lb.

Open House Headquarters

Plan your menu with us! How about burgers, pulled pork, specialty brats, fajita bar, pig roast, taco bar, pulled chicken, or ??. You get the idea. Pick up one of our Portion Planners and take the guesswork out of planning your party.

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