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September Specials

All items are while supplies last, and we may need to substitute due to market challenges with COVID-19. No phone preorders please.

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Ground Beef, 10 lb Tube

Our fresh 10 pound tube of 80% lean burger is featured for $29.00 or $2.90 per pound!

Chicken Fritters

5 pound bag of frozen chicken fritters. Ready to bake or air fry. Kids love these!

Sale Price: $12.00, Regular Price: $14.00, Save $2.00

Cottage Bacon

Fresh, 1 pound packages, vacuum sealed. Makes the best egg sandwich!

Featured Price: $6.99 / lb

Hickory Smoked Bacon

Fresh, 1 pound packages, vacuum sealed. Perfect for breakfast, burgers or BLT’s.

Featured Price: $6.69 / lb


All Natural cure. Fresh, 1 pound packages, vacuum sealed.

Featured Price: $7.29 / lb

Fresh Chicken Cuts

Amish, All Natural, Non GMO feed, Fresh Cuts. Limited supply. Choose from:

Leg Quarters at $1.79 / lb.
Boneless Skinless Breasts at $4.99 / lb.
Halves at $2.09 / lb.
Boneless Thighs at $3.39 / lb
Bone-In Thighs at $1.90 / lb

Meats for Smokers

Beef briskets, pork shoulders, pork bellies, whole chickens, burgers and more.

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