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September Specials

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Apple Cider

Locally grown and pressed at Engelsma’s Apple Barn Cider Mill
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All-Natural, Local 1 lb. Ground Beef - $4.99 ea.

Frozen, from Schaendorf Farm

Reg. Price: $5.99 ea (Save $1.00 ea)


5 lb. Bag of Chicken Tender Fritters - $8.00 ea.

Definitely a crowd pleaser! Frozen

Reg. Price: $12.00 ea (Save $4.00 ea)

8 oz. All-Natural Boneless Pork Chops - $2.00 ea

Local, Frozen

Reg. Price: $3.00 ea (Save $1.00 ea)


All-Natural Whole Boneless Pork Loins - $2.15/lb.

Fresh,  5-6 lb. Avg.

Reg. Price: $4.00/lb. (Save $1.85/lb.)

All-Natural Local Baby Back Ribs - $2.94/lb.

Fresh and frozen

Reg. Price: $3.39/lb. (Save $0.45/lb.)

Bacon-Wrapped Stuffed Chicken Thighs - $3.50 ea

4 oz. Pieces, Variety of Flavors, Frozen

Regular Price: $4.50 ea (Save $1.00 ea)



All-Natural, Local St. Louis Ribs - $2.59/lb.

Fresh and frozen

Reg. Price: $3.29/lb. (Save $0.70/lb.)

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