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HarvestBox Meats For Father's Day With Double The Savings

Wagyu Beef Starter Collection, Sale Price $224, Regular Price $249, Save additional $25 with promo code “SAVE25” for final cost of $199. https://www.harvestbox.com/

Surprise your Dad with a gift of Wagyu Beef delivered to his front door. Our new Wagyu Beef Starter Collection features 13 pounds of different cuts including steaks, a roast, stew meat, patties and ground beef (38 servings). Picture your Dad manning the grill and serving up steaks and burgers from his well-stocked freezer. He’ll remember you all summer long. Shipping is free and you can personalize a gift message at check out.


Weekly Fresh Cut Special

Check Facebook or stop in the store to find out what the weekly fresh cut special will be.

Memorial Day Specials

We’ve got you covered for your Memorial Day parties and get-togethers.  Brats, patties, buns, steaks, salads, charcoal, smoker chips, seasonings and more. Featured items:

(15) 5 oz. New York Strip Steaks, USDA Choice
Frozen, Vacuum Sealed, Individually Packaged
$82.50 Sale Price, $99 Regular Price, Save $16.50

(15) 5 oz. Pork Chops, Boneless
Frozen, Vacuum Sealed, Individually Packaged
$19.50 Sale Price, $23.50 Regular Price, Save $4.00

Planning A Graduation Open House Or Catering An Event?

Thinking about roasting a whole pig or smoking whole chickens? Maybe your leaning towards burgers, brats, and hotdogs or precooked taco meat, pulled beef, pulled pork or chicken fajitas. We’ve got you covered with easy menu items that will please your crowd. Ask for our Party Food Planning Guide for more suggestions and portion sizes.


Meats For Your Smoker

Need a new meat cut idea for your smoker or have a tried-and-true favorite?  On sale for May: USDA Choice Beef Brisket at $4.49 / lb. Our customer top picks for smoking include pork bellies and pork shoulder roasts, whole roasting chickens, beef or pork ribs and pectoral meat for making jerky.  Call ahead at 616-878-1578 to place your order. Don’t forget the sauces, seasonings and the Cowboy brand lump charcoal!

Free-Range Pork Spare Rib

NEW - Frontier Soup Mixes, $4.99 Each

Perfectly seasoned soup mixes for an easy shortcut to homemade. Simply add Byron Center Meats’ beef stew meat, diced ham, shredded chicken, or ground beef! 12 mixes to choose from, some are gluten free. Made with all natural ingredients with no added sodium, preservatives or MSG.

Homemade in Minutes Soups


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“The Culotte is my favorite steak to grill at home. BCM does everything well, you cannot go wrong. They make an incredible rolled beef rib for our family’s Christmas meal every year that is off the charts.”

— Ron C. —

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