Creating Something Different

HarvestBox was started in June of 2015 at Byron Center Meats, a third generation, family-owned & operated meat processing company. The idea started when we asked ourselves, “is there a better way to connect families directly with family-owned farms, giving them an avenue to easily purchase thoughtfully raised, healthy meats?” Or as we like to say, “a better way to eat.”

(Then we got to work, and created a video!)

From there, we watered the idea until it came to life. We began to think, how can we deliver products conveniently, safely, and sustainably all throughout the US. We’ve taken the 70 years of meat processing experience gained here at Byron Center Meats and created something new. We’ve brought to you a variety of meat bundles that use whole animal portions in a variety of cuts families will enjoy using every day.

Finally, we sought out long-lasting, trustworthy relationships with only the best family farm partners. Farmers who share our passion for thoughtfully raised, healthy meats. What started as a quick doodle on a napkin (not kidding) came a nation-wide meat delivery with consumers from nearly every state. Today, HarvestBox is a culmination of a lot of good people working hard to do something different in the name of doing something right. We wanted to bring consumers the ‘local meat market’ feel that we have here in Byron Center.

HarvestBox Farm Partners

We’ve carefully selected the family farms that share common interest with us. Today, these farmers provide us with our great tasting grass fed beef, wagyu beef, free range chicken, free range pork, and wild caught Alaskan salmon. From there, we’ve created meat bundles packed with the proteins and nutrients that your family needs.

GoldenTulip - HarvestBox

Seven Sons - Grass Fed & Pasture Raised Meats - HarvestBoxWild Alaska Salmon & Seafood Co. - HarvestBox

HarvestBox has been a huge blessing to us here at Byron Center Meats. It has given us a unique opportunity to create relationships with farmers and consumers all over the United States. Consumers that are interested in what we’re trying to accomplish.

You can read moreĀ about our farm partners here.

So from our farms to your family, welcome to the table.


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