New Homemade Flavored Brats

We are introducing, just in time for summer grilling, a number of new fresh (uncooked) flavored brats:

–Feta Cheese & Spinach
–Mango Habanero
–Bacon & Bleu Cheese
–Italian Ranch
–Sweet Italian
–Deluxe (Bell peppers & onion)  COMING SOON

And, of course, we still offer our original recipe brats and Kielbasa.  All flavors come with five brats in a package (1 lb) and are priced at $4.29.  Spice up your summer camping or bonfires with these delicious choices! Serve on fresh bakery buns from Little Rooster with Mrs. Dogs or your favorite mustard.


Coming Out of the Stuffer Resize Packaging Machine Resize

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