Who Ever Heard of a Culotte Steak?

Beef Culotte

Who Ever Heard of a CULOTTE steak?

Here at Byron Center Meats we have customers come in the store asking about “those culotte (coo’-lat) steaks” all the time.   And yes, it’s pronounced just like the short skirt fashions of yesteryear.

The culotte steak has become the signature steak of Byron Center Meats.  It is cut from the cap of the top sirloin as a boneless steak.  It’s lean and oh so flavorful!  We offer both 5 oz. steaks (frozen) and 8 oz. steaks (fresh and frozen).

Many customers say “You’ll never go wrong with a culotte steak!”  They are priced below other popular steaks like T-bone, Porterhouse or Delmonicos… usually less than $6 per 8 oz. steak.  If you’re wondering if the culottes ever go on sale, the answer is “Yes!”  They are one of the most popular items of our annual truckload sale, always held the week before Mother’s Day.  Many home freezers are filled with culottes as well as other popular items offered that week.

Grilling up your culottes:  We recommend getting your grill up to high temp (about 400 degrees).  Sear each side of the steak quickly until brown to your likeness and then reduce heat down to about 300 degrees.  Cook to your desired doneness (use a meat thermometer to check the internal temperature of 145 degrees for medium rare – 160 degrees for medium).  Pull the steaks off the grill 5-10 degrees before it reaches your desired temperature because they will continue to cook after removal.  Rest the steaks for 5 minutes under tinfoil before serving for maximum juiciness.

Note:  Grills and grilling techniques vary greatly and grilling temperatures and times may need to be adjusted to meet your needs.  You know where to get great steaks to practice your technique!


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