Online Gifting – The Meat Edition



Online gifting is something that is quickly becoming a way of life. In the past companies have made a whole business out of catalog mail order systems, but today it is even easier. According to The Washington Post a third of American adults buy something online with their computer or phone at least once a week. Having the ability to gift people and have it arrive safely at their home or office is now available at the touch of your fingertip. It is a perfect way to send friends, family, employees and clients gifts for any occasion, and what better gift for that occasion than meat? The improvements in shipping have made it possible to ship meat that is frozen and packed with dry ice in an insulated box all over the country!


As an employer, what can you get employees that shows them that says you care about them? Or what can you give clients that goes above and beyond what they might normally expect? Sending someone a gift card is okay, but they go out to eat once and that is all the use that they get out of the gift. However, when you send someone a box of meat they will remember you every time they go in their freezer, grill, cook, and eat. There is no better way to show your appreciation to the ones you care about than sending them something that they will truly enjoy. And what better way to remind your clients of your services and company for a long time.


With technology ordering meat online is very simple. Companies have created fast, user friendly, and secure websites where you can shop in minutes. Most of the time these websites are set up for either two different meat delivery methods. The first method is just being able to purchase when the meat is needed: ordering online just when you want to send a gift, need steaks, have to fill the freezer, or you’re having a cook-out. This method provides the consumer with the means to order when it is convenient for them and does not tie them down to a contract. The second method is a subscription based meat delivery. A subscription based method gives the consumer the luxury of not thinking about when they need meat; it just shows up at their door. However, this might overwhelm the consumer because they have to eat last month’s subscription before the new one arrives or they may have to get a bigger freezer.

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